Michael Owen tweeted yesterday, “Once goal line technology is brought in, how long before it is being used for other decisions like offsides?” Is it a good point? No, I don’t think so. This seems to be a line common amongst those that don’t even trust themselves to be able to stop — let alone trusting an authority charged with the care of the game to have the competence to draw the line.

Let’s get this straight. We have cloned creatures. We can make crop incredibly robust. We can make buildings that can withstand earthquakes. But we don’t have houses that hover in the sky. We don’t have meals that make themselves. We haven’t cloned Bruce Forsyth.

Why not? Aren’t we capable? Sure, we probably are. But the thing is, collectively, we all know instinctively that these are bad ideas. We have drawn the line somewhere, because we can gather the intelligence amongst us to debate sensibly and decide.

This is why, if we introduce goal-line technology (which, by the way, promises immediate feedback rather than referral to a video referee), we won’t be immediately calling for a computer to replace the referee purely because of precedent.