Well, this is day three of vegetarianism.

Let me make this clear — my change in diet is purely for selfish reasons. I still enjoy the taste of meat; the slaughter of animals to make meat does not irk me so much and the price difference between meat and non-meat is not so great (it might even cost more). It does benefit me, however.

The motivation is digestion. I can gain protein, iron, selenium and other vital nutrients in other ways that more friendly to my digestive system, which is a mere gibbering wreck at the moment. But it does other good: for nature, the environment and all that. All the better, but I’m not going to be militant about it. If someone serves me bacon and eggs for breakfast, I won’t be rude…!

So far I’ve had tofu chow mein, which was interesting. I had to use far more soy sauce than I would have done, but tofu does have the property that it absorbs flavour, I’m told. I’m going to try making mushroom soup tomorrow.