I’ve been tired much of this evening. But I’ve spent the past hour listening to music. That’s not terribly unlike me: life and its mysteries seem a little easier to understand and confront when you have a soundtrack.

But there is one thing that’s got to me; that I have not been able to unravel and fathom. How can the hider ever win against the seeker? The reward for hiding particularly well is isolation; and the fact that isolation is the desire makes it a self-perpetuating outcome. Those good at hiding become ever harder to seek, to the point where the seeker gives up. The seeker still wins, for he has ended the game under his control and the hider is nowhere to be seen.

It strikes me that to win, one must be a seeker or just leave the game. But for the hider, removed from the wider picture, will feel like he is winning when in fact he lost a long time ago.