One World Is Enough

By |April 19th, 2006|Uncategorized|0 Comments

A day littered with nothing more than boredom, unfortunately. I say this, but I have kept myself quite busy. I suppose I regard what I was doing as boring. Web development and gardening aren’t particularly sexy pastimes. I have just noticed I have written sexy, so I am going to get a few hundred more hits than I would usually. I was going to put a certain word that Waz misspelt just for kicks, but seeing as that I have forgotten what that word is (and hence its spelling) I shall save it for another time!

The weather here is great at the moment (such is the boredom I am talking about the weather…). Sunny and warm, haven’t had rain for over a week. That is, the weather here is better than down south. Southerners can suck their icicles! I think the fact the weather has perked up has done wonders for me. I feel a lot better in many ways. I really need to be in that garden pottering (and indeed potting) around.