The Birthday Chronicles XXV

By |September 11th, 2010|Quick thoughts|0 Comments

25. Crikey. My parents were 25 when I was born. I think I’m a little way off that at the moment. But it’s all part of the master plan. I think.


The greatest gift I received for my birthday was receiving loads of messages from people — from ones that I communicate with every day to those that I haven’t really spoken to in a long time to even those that I’ve never even met. Of course, leaving my phone on vibrate was a tad foolish but it ensured that I was at least awake in plenty time for Soccer AM.

It’s my fault that there is such a huge distance between myself and these people. The fact I see them so little dwells on my mind and knowing that it is my doing is somewhat painful.


Having a car has made that a little easier. Since February I’ve covered over 10,000 miles seeing people and performing a whistle-stop tour of my entire life. I’ve visited Sittingbourne, Hexham, Canterbury, Newcastle, Chippenham, Stocksfield, Prudhoe, Bath, Keele and even Barcelona this year alone. Some people say “never go back”, but it’s next to impossible not to. It’s both refreshing and heart-wrenching to see what I once knew evolve. Except Sittingbourne, of course: Sittingbourne’s never changed!


Right now it feels like my life support machine is a mixture of optic fibres and telephone frequencies; my friends are all roughly sixteen pixels tall and procrastination costs 59p a pop. The fact that I consider myself fortunate to have, as it stands, a reasonably simple life and some contentment makes me wonder whether these are good things or bad things. I would love to see my friends and family much more often, but stubbornness, patience, and the passion to share what I have means I’d like people to come and see me more often. My task for this year is to make this happen!

I love you, you lovely, lovely people!