Coat of arms

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Before I sought help for my depression, I worked upon a coat of arms for myself as a means to reflect on the things that are important to me. It’s not an official coat of arms, of course: the Queen has not bestowed supporters, badges or so on to me or my ancestry. But, well, the Queen is unlikely to offer me a pair of seahorses or a phoenix any time soon.

So, as you can see, there is a menagerie of animals, some bright colours and a belt. So… let’s start from the top!

The phoenix appears on the emblem designed by Freddie Mercury for Queen. I quite like Queen (and Freddie, for that matter), so the phoenix is in! The phoenix is mounted upon a belt, which represents the people in my life. These two rest upon a shield that is composed of the Northumbrian flag and Invicta — the horse that represents the county of Kent. These are my geographical roots.

The shield is flanked by two seahorses, which represent both the city of Newcastle upon Tyne (which is a lovely city) and my love for Newcastle United, whose emblem also has two seahorses.

The motto reads spes vitae melioris, which I have seen on family crests for the Broughton family crest. It is Latin, and apparently means “pursuing a better life”, or words to such effect. Thought I may as well include that. And the banner itself is purple, which represents asexuality.

Plus there’s loads of gold, which represents the purity of my heart. Naturally.