I have visited many Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to study, to work, to attend events or to meet people.

Institution Purpose
University of Cambridge Attended an event for state school students 2001
Coventry University Attended a CETL-MSOR Conference here 2011
Durham University Visited friends here 2006–2010
University of East London Attended Jisc seminar here 2015
University of Edinburgh Attended a BSRLM Conference here 2013
Institute of Education, University of London Attended a BERA seminar here 2013
Keele University Studied here 2009–2010
Kiel University Attended the PME37 Conference here 2013
University of Kent Visited friends here 2004–2007
Leeds University Attended a BSRLM Conference here 2011 and an interview 2013
Liverpool University Visited friends here 2006–2014
Loughborough University Studying here 2010—
University of Manchester Attended a BSRLM Conference here 2012
Newcastle University Studied here 2004–2008
Northampton University Participated in outreach events 2012 and attended an interview here 2014
Nottingham University Used facilities for a stag do 2013 and attended an interview here 2014
Northumbria University Attended short courses here 2005–2006
University of Oxford Attended an LGBTQ seminar here 2015
Oxford Brookes University Working here 2015—
Regent’s University, London Attended a PPR workshop here 2015
University of Salamanca Attended SEFI-MWG seminar 2012
University of Sheffield Attended CETL-MSOR Conference
Sheffield Hallam University Attended an interview here 2014
Staffordshire University Walked past a few times 2009–2010
University of Sussex Attended a BSRLM Conference here 2012