Cosmopolitan magazine has an article on asexuality, featuring interviews with two asexual women.

It was frustrating, like the whole world was in on some joke I wasn’t. I often felt like I was foolish, immature, or even broken because I never hit any of these “milestones” I was told to expect. No crushes, no dates, and no interest. Full stop. My mom actually asked if I was gay a few times, but gender and sex didn’t matter. I’d just shrug.

After learning about asexuality, I felt better knowing I wasn’t alone, but that only goes so far. Face-to-face, once I got through explaining what asexuality was — because no one ever knew — I’d get any variety of confused, pitying, or skeptical looks. I was asked if I was sick,was I raped, was I gay, was I picky, was I lying to get out of a date? I even had a near stranger ask me if I’d had a brain scan and hormone test. You could like boys, girls, or any other gender, but to like no one made no sense.