The Head of Editorial Compliance replied within a matter of hours. As expected, my complaint didn’t quite invoke the Editors’ Code of Practice and my complaint wasn’t upheld. Here is the reply nonetheless.

Dear Mr Broughton

‘Martin Amis: How Hitler had sex’, 12 Oct 2014

Thank you for contacting us about this article.

This was Martin Amis’ personal and subjective view of Hitler’s sexuality, and instantly recognisable as such. It is of course impossible to know the truth about such a recondite topic, and the writer is entitled to conjecture. An article about Hitler’s putative asexuality cannot be taken, on any fair reading, as a ‘negative stereotype of asexual people’ in general.

We are very sorry if the article upset you. However it does not engage clause 12 of the Editors’ Code, which forbids discrimination against individuals, not groups.

Yours sincerely
Jess McAree
Head of Editorial Compliance

Although I accept what was said in that letter (to some extent, anyway: Amis did not support his conjecture with any kind of evidence, convincing or otherwise), my complaint was not that associating Hitler with asexuality is a slur on asexuality. It was more that Amis communicated views that asexuality was not normal and alien.