I’m melancholy and deep in thought at the best of times; but this time of year yields more opportunity for those idling thoughts lying deep in my brain to churn themselves over and over.

With the coming advent of 2009 looming my thoughts try to leap into the future. I’ve found over the past year that it has become increasingly hard to envisage what is to come; and even harder to imagine any good things to happen.

I take a strange and morbid delight in predicting the outcome and depressing fate of 2008 this time last year. Next year feels like it’s going to be pretty rubbish, but perhaps a little better than this year.

Even so I still ponder where I could be this time next Christmas. I could be anywhere in the world. I could be a millionaire! It could happen, but already I doubt my possible achievements.

I guess it’s just "that time of year again".