I have thought about describing how I am feeling – it didn’t take long. The imagery is simple and symbolic. It follows the theme of a specific kind of torture.

My heart is attached to several ropes. These ropes, at the opposite ends, are attached to people I care about. There comes a time for each rope that it will be pulled. In fact, it frequently occurs that several people are pulling on their ropes at the same time.

Now, the point of torture is that, while it hurts, it does not inflict any lasting damage. Just as well, for who can live with a broken heart?

The good thing is that while I have my mind concentrating on something else, I don’t notice the pain of the tugging, which is why if I am in the company of others, it doesn’t show. However, when I am on my own, my heart is wrenched all over. This isn’t part of the imagery. Sometimes my heart feels like it’s being tugged. Would I have it any other way? I don’t have much choice.