I hope that it is possible to lead a life hoping and wishing for something to happen. I suppose it is like hoping that when you die you might go to Heaven, or some form of afterlife anyway. I am living in the constant fantasy that one day my dreams will come true. It is quite possible – and in fact rather likely – that they will not. The fact that people dream that they will win the Lottery shows that this is not as weird as it might appear on first inspection.

They are simple dreams, but nonetheless private ones. These dreams would not seem as special and sacred to me if I broadcast them, so I won’t here. But at the end of the day, I want what most people want. Happiness in short. If we are happy, what more do we need?

This reminds me of how my mood is characterised. I suppose it is one of these things that you realise about yourself as you mature. My mood is determined by the mood of those around me. I can’t be unhappy or angry when I’m with happy people. Likewise, I find it hard to be optimistic when I am in a negative environment. I believe that empathy runs deeper in my brain than what could be considered normal for a human.