Well I’ve started learning Japanese in the Open Access Centre. It’s quite an interesting language, the word order in a sentence is different, representing parts of words as syllables is different. Using glyphs isn’t quite so different, as it’s almost like using Greek letters. However, having tried to write down the Hiragana forms of common syllables, it is evident that these glyphs are by far more intricate. Learning the Romaji (Romanised) forms helps with pronunciation. O-genki desu ka., or
means How are you?I had my first Group Theory lecture today, with Peter Jorgensen. His pronunciation of certain words took a little getting used to, but I think these lectures will be enjoyable. He’d refer to “these guys”, pointing at objects on the board. So it seems quite fun… at the moment!

Chatted to Steve, who finally got himself onto Broadband! That’s it really. Night!