I have a problem with Messenger. It doesn’t reflect my personality. First, Messenger puts me – in the main – into one-to-one conversations. This isn’t a situation I neither find myself in often, or am confident in when face to face. Secondly, because this is a one-to-one conversation, I am not often ignored or spoken over, so perhaps more of my quirkiness is noticed! Thirdly, I say a lot more on Messenger than I would normally do face to face. So more of what I would usually keep to myself I divulge to people.

But having said that, there are still some things I want to say to people that I still can’t do on Messenger. Maybe because I can’t use either of these channels to say these things I am not meant to say these things at all. But these things eat me up inside. I know what to do – keep them private. But I’m frightened of that moment of weakness.

I envy some people because they are so open, honest and carefree. I wish I could be like that.