I’m writing this article a different person to yesterday. I received an unexpected email from my stepmother. I should be thankful really, as it made me realise a few things.

On reading its contents my mind switched swiftly to my graduation. I had made up my mind as to who I would invite: just not how to approach it. I discussed this dilemma with a friend, and he said something rather profound:

I’d say the right decision is the one you want, and not the decision that makes things easy. Whatever comes of it is then the next problem to solve. And if people make it your problem, and make you the antagonist, they probably aren’t worth listening to anyway.

Yesterday, I was going to invite the people I really wanted to be there, and nothing more. After the email, I wanted to use the email to thank those that have been around and gave me help rather than wait for it to be asked of them, and punish those that I feel have let me down. Now having spoken to my friend, who also said that the graduation should be my day rather than just to thank people for their support, I have no clue who to invite.

There aren’t many people in the group that I have been told should be invited that haven’t let me down at some point. However, I’m torn between those I want to invite, those I’m expected to invite, and those that would make my life more awkward if I hadn’t invited them.