BSRLM Conference June 2011

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My first conference was a two-day event with BSRLM at Leeds University on 10th-11th June 2011. The first day was for new researchers and I presented the work that I have completed so far.

It was interesting and pleasing to meet other people at a similar stage in their studies. They were a friendly group and the evening meal was especially enjoyable (apart from being nominated to receive money and pay the bill, which I accept as revenge for my abundance of cheese jokes!).

The following day was equally enjoyable. A completely vegetarian lunch was very compatible with my needs! The talks were thought-provoking, which allowed me to reflect on my own project still further.

We stayed at the Cliff Lawn Hotel in Headingley and we ate at La Besi.

Not So Pleased to Meat You

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Well, this is day three of vegetarianism.

Let me make this clear — my change in diet is purely for selfish reasons. I still enjoy the taste of meat; the slaughter of animals to make meat does not irk me so much and the price difference between meat and non-meat is not so great (it might even cost more). It does benefit me, however.

The motivation is digestion. I can gain protein, iron, selenium and other vital nutrients in other ways that more friendly to my digestive system, which is a mere gibbering wreck at the moment. But it does other good: for nature, the environment and all that. All the better, but I’m not going to be militant about it. If someone serves me bacon and eggs for breakfast, I won’t be rudeā€¦!

So far I’ve had tofu chow mein, which was interesting. I had to use far more soy sauce than I would have done, but tofu does have the property that it absorbs flavour, I’m told. I’m going to try making mushroom soup tomorrow.