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Gennaro is named after Gennaro Gattuso, the Inter Milan and former Glasgow Rangers footballer. I always liked his playing style and wish he played for Newcastle United… anyhow, it’s nerazzuri. Its features include:

  • being easy on the eye;
  • focus on the content of posts;
  • small spectrum of blues and blacks.


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As seen in the Sandbox Designs Competition.

CITYscapeCITYscape is a theme styled around its header image. Its features include:

  • bold titles;
  • two-column sidebar;
  • simple sans-serif fonts with line-height paragraph spacing optimal for readability.

Chocolate Vanilla

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As seen in the Sandbox Designs Competition.

Chocolate VanillaChocolate Vanilla is a theme predominantly coloured in brown shades. Its features include:

  • careful use of fonts to blend serif stylised titles with simple sans serif content, with extra line-height for attractiveness and greater readability;
  • medium contrast between text and background to ensure comfort while reading whilst also providing enough contrast to remain clear and readable;
  • a menu bar near the top indicating which page is currently being browsed.

Welcome Again

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I’ve restarted this site again. My apologies if you came here expecting to see something different, but hopefully you shall find this site a little more useful, particularly if you are a WordPress user.

I shall be releasing a few of my Sandbox skins from here. So whether you have your own standalone WordPress install, or whether you have a blog on with the custom design upgrade, you can feel free to use any of these skins in conjunction with Sandbox.

Each skin is released under the GNU General Public Licence. This means, in a nutshell, that you can do pretty much what you like with it – take it or leave it. That said, I truly appreciate any credit when you use my work; even just to know that my empire is expanding!