Science Matters 2012 Conference

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The inaugural Science Matters conference took place yesterday at Loughborough University. Its aim was to bring together the six departments in the recently formed “School of Science” in one place to talk about research.

We had some excellent keynote speakers, two careers workshops, a keenly contested poster competition and a vibrant group of participants in a discussion group at the end of the day.

Having been a member of the organising committee, I am quite relieved it is over in some ways! However, I was able to enjoy the day and I am quite proud for the small group of dedicated individuals from different departments that it passed over with few problems!

Graduate School Poster Competition 2011

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I submitted a slightly different version of the Science poster to the Graduate School Competition, trimming down some of the text and thereby increasing the amount of white!

Free lunch was on offer yet again, from which I took advantage of the delicious Danish pastries on offer. We perused the posters on display and broadly agreed on the good ones. The prize winners were announced, and I received a runner-up prize.

Original poster

Science Poster Competition 2011

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Some of us in the MEC entered the inaugural Science School poster competition and attended the lunch to see how we did. A huge number of entries were received across six departments and a number of prizes were on offer.

Unfortunately for us, we did not dazzle the judges with our findings or our designs. We were, however, given a flask-cum-mug adorned with the university logo and the motto "Science Poster Competition 2011" for our effort. Our hard work had been rewarded!