It’s been a while

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I haven’t updated this in quite some time. It feels like a lot has happened yet nothing major to report.

I don’t normally talk about medical things on here, but it’s had quite an impact on me, recently. The working diagnosis that I have is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’ve been put on an anti-depressant to help manage some of the symptoms but, somewhat ironically, it makes me more drowsy. It’s also affected my mood somewhat, which led me to deactivate my Facebook account. I wanted a bit of distance to be sad, frankly. Nonetheless, I’m broadly alright: the gastrointestinal specialists have referred me back to my GP after finding nothing seriously wrong with my guts.

I’ve now been made an official DMeLD, which means a pay rise in the short term. I’m also a hall warden, which means much better living arrangements for me. I’m still tutoring and I’m still studying, though I’m now aiming for a Masters degree in Philosophy rather than a PhD.

Yep, a lot has happened!

Join us at the MEC

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For further details in the original advertisement, visit the Mathematics Education Centre website or view the profile on the website.

There are many reasons why you might want to study on a PhD programme in the MEC. You might want to develop your research skills set. You could be inclined to spend a time of your life doing something that will ultimately make a difference in improving mathematics learning, teaching, recruitment and engagement or helping students with low confidence in mathematics. You may be persuaded to work in an internationally celebrated institution with leading figures in mathematics education.

You might also want to work with us in our friendly office. You are welcome to join our lunch club, with daily trips to one of the eating establishments on campus; you can join the tea/coffee club; and you could join the MEC Warriors – the incredible Thursday night pub quiz team.

Best of luck should you apply. Feel free to ask me about PhD life at the Mathematics Education Centre!

Trust Me

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Seems I’m on the move again. Awaiting confirmation, I’ve been accepted to study for a PhD at Loughborough University in Mathematics Education. I should be starting in December.

It’s really quite exciting but also rather scary. It’s allowing me to continue in maths education but it is pretty much an entirely new beginning. It closes a chapter at Keele, but perhaps doesn’t end the story; and opens a new one, which surely won’t be the last!