Teenager highlights ‘prejudice and discrimination’ against asexuality in documentary

The Mirror reports that a teenager — Josh Scott — has created a video and pamphlet about the problems caused by a lack of understanding of asexuality.

While The Mirror has been drawn towards the phrase “hypersexualised society”, Scott has focussed more upon the growing pains of misunderstanding one’s own sexuality by not having all the facts. Sexuality is so complex, so fluid, and so diverse that being told “you’re either, straight, gay or bi” is bound to leave many young adults wondering why they don’t fit in.

Cosmo piece on asexuality

Cosmopolitan magazine has an article on asexuality, featuring interviews with two asexual women.

It was frustrating, like the whole world was in on some joke I wasn’t. I often felt like I was foolish, immature, or even broken because I never hit any of these “milestones” I was told to expect. No crushes, no dates, and no interest. Full stop. My mom actually asked if I was gay a few times, but gender and sex didn’t matter. I’d just shrug.

After learning about asexuality, I felt better knowing I wasn’t alone, but that only goes so far. Face-to-face, once I got through explaining what asexuality was — because no one ever knew — I’d get any variety of confused, pitying, or skeptical looks. I was asked if I was sick,was I raped, was I gay, was I picky, was I lying to get out of a date? I even had a near stranger ask me if I’d had a brain scan and hormone test. You could like boys, girls, or any other gender, but to like no one made no sense.