A Few Privacy Lessons

By |August 20th, 2010|Quick thoughts|1 Comment

The bandwagon continues to roll. Facebook Places is a voluntary new application on Facebook that tells your friends where you are. That’s nice. Being voluntary, you can elect not to tell certain friends and you can elect not to take part at all. Sounds pretty good to me.

So in times where it is vitally important not to conceal our middle names to nextdoor’s dog in case he uses the information to steal your bank details, your burglar alarm code and your husband, we all need to think about how we present ourselves on the Internet. I’ve come up with a few rules.

  1. If you’re naked, put some clothes on. Easy peasy. On the Internet, it’s just as simple. If you put anything you’re sensitive about on the Internet (more fool you), then maybe you should think about hiding it. On Facebook, take a look at your privacy settings. It’s not as hard as the press make out. It’s all on the Privacy Settings tab.
  2. Have a look in the mirror. If you see something strange on yourself, then you know what other people can see. Try to find your online profiles in another web browser where you don’t have any stored cookies. If you see things that you wished weren’t there, other people can see too. Then get rid, hide it, or get used to it.
  3. If you leave your door open, people can get in. Don’t stay logged in to Facebook on public or shared computers. If you’re worried that others could access your profile from your computer, then log out there, too.

Hope that helps.