Science Matters returns…

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Once again, I’m involved as a member of the organising committee for the Science Matters conference. It is a conference for the research students in the School of Science at Loughborough University. Staff in the School are also welcome.

There will be a poster competition and talks performed by students during the event on Wednesday 1st May 2013. For more information, visit the conference website.

Science Matters 2012 Conference

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The inaugural Science Matters conference took place yesterday at Loughborough University. Its aim was to bring together the six departments in the recently formed “School of Science” in one place to talk about research.

We had some excellent keynote speakers, two careers workshops, a keenly contested poster competition and a vibrant group of participants in a discussion group at the end of the day.

Having been a member of the organising committee, I am quite relieved it is over in some ways! However, I was able to enjoy the day and I am quite proud for the small group of dedicated individuals from different departments that it passed over with few problems!

Loughborough University Research Conference 2012

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I entered the poster competition, but unfortunately did not win any prizes. A few people (mainly judges) asked a little more about my project, which helps, but it’s a shame more didn’t.

I did enjoy the talk given by Professor Sir Michael Brady, however. He spoke of barriers that exist only in the mind in response to a question that referred to the borders between departments and disciplines. It made me think more about what my research might lead to.

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BSRLM Conference March 2012

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It was a fairly late decision to attend the BSRLM conference at The University of Manchester on 3rd March 2012, but I am glad I did.

Aside from meeting some familiar faces, I met some new ones: including some prominent researchers that are working with activity theory every day.

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CETL-MSOR Conference 2011

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I attended a two-day conference at Coventry University arranged by CETL-MSOR on the theme of “student-led education”. I presented some of my findings from the focus groups we conducted in April.

I met some of the leading researchers in my field and they were all very friendly and approachable! They also presented some of their latest work, showing how quickly the field is advancing.

The conference dinner at Coventry Transport Museum was great and very entertaining! Our attempt at the quiz was substantially flawed by the withdrawal of some of the questions “because they were too hard”! We were also introduced to the comedy stylings of Matt Parker, which were both enlightening and funny!

BSRLM Conference June 2011

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My first conference was a two-day event with BSRLM at Leeds University on 10th-11th June 2011. The first day was for new researchers and I presented the work that I have completed so far.

It was interesting and pleasing to meet other people at a similar stage in their studies. They were a friendly group and the evening meal was especially enjoyable (apart from being nominated to receive money and pay the bill, which I accept as revenge for my abundance of cheese jokes!).

The following day was equally enjoyable. A completely vegetarian lunch was very compatible with my needs! The talks were thought-provoking, which allowed me to reflect on my own project still further.

We stayed at the Cliff Lawn Hotel in Headingley and we ate at La Besi.

First Abstract Submission

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It may seem rather trivial to many that I submitted my first abstract to present at a conference, but yesterday I sent my first. My supervisors were very helpful in making big changes to aid its appeal, and I’m a little more confident of being accepted.

Being accepted means that not only will my abstract be published in the conference proceedings, but that I would also be presenting a talk to mathematics education practitioners in a national conference. This is naturally daunting but part-and-parcel of this line of work. It’s quite exciting!