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CETL-MSOR Conference 2011

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I attended a two-day conference at Coventry University arranged by CETL-MSOR on the theme of “student-led education”. I presented some of my findings from the focus groups we conducted in April.

I met some of the leading researchers in my field and they were all very friendly and approachable! They also presented some of their latest work, showing how quickly the field is advancing.

The conference dinner at Coventry Transport Museum was great and very entertaining! Our attempt at the quiz was substantially flawed by the withdrawal of some of the questions “because they were too hard”! We were also introduced to the comedy stylings of Matt Parker, which were both enlightening and funny!

First Publication

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Following from the BSRLM New Researchers Day presentation I made in June, I submitted informal conference proceedings that have now been published.

Accordingly, I now have a Publications page!

This paper summarises my work with two focus groups to elicit students’ thoughts and experiences of using computer-aided assessment (CAA).

Holiday in Barcelona 2011

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I spent a week of my holiday this year in Barcelona, Spain. While there, I visited the basilica of the Sagrada Família. The recently completed part was beautiful as the scorching sun shone through the stain-glass windows.

The continuation of my football education allowed me to witness first-hand an el clásico match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF at the Camp Nou. I was also lucky enough to witness the sun set over the Pyrenees from the Montjuïc.

The food was also marvellous. Despite being my fourth visit to Barcelona, I had not yet tried any gazpacho – and I recommend it! I tried out my rusty Spanish linguistics (though of course the primary language of Barcelona and the surrounding Catalonia region is Català) and nearly asked for the pudding menu (“la carta”) instead of the bill (“la cuenta”). Nonetheless, I made it home safely without accidentally eating too much more food than I had anticipated!

BSRLM Conference June 2011

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My first conference was a two-day event with BSRLM at Leeds University on 10th-11th June 2011. The first day was for new researchers and I presented the work that I have completed so far.

It was interesting and pleasing to meet other people at a similar stage in their studies. They were a friendly group and the evening meal was especially enjoyable (apart from being nominated to receive money and pay the bill, which I accept as revenge for my abundance of cheese jokes!).

The following day was equally enjoyable. A completely vegetarian lunch was very compatible with my needs! The talks were thought-provoking, which allowed me to reflect on my own project still further.

We stayed at the Cliff Lawn Hotel in Headingley and we ate at La Besi.

First Abstract Submission

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It may seem rather trivial to many that I submitted my first abstract to present at a conference, but yesterday I sent my first. My supervisors were very helpful in making big changes to aid its appeal, and I’m a little more confident of being accepted.

Being accepted means that not only will my abstract be published in the conference proceedings, but that I would also be presenting a talk to mathematics education practitioners in a national conference. This is naturally daunting but part-and-parcel of this line of work. It’s quite exciting!

Graduate School Poster Competition 2011

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I submitted a slightly different version of the Science poster to the Graduate School Competition, trimming down some of the text and thereby increasing the amount of white!

Free lunch was on offer yet again, from which I took advantage of the delicious Danish pastries on offer. We perused the posters on display and broadly agreed on the good ones. The prize winners were announced, and I received a runner-up prize.

Original poster

Science Poster Competition 2011

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Some of us in the MEC entered the inaugural Science School poster competition and attended the lunch to see how we did. A huge number of entries were received across six departments and a number of prizes were on offer.

Unfortunately for us, we did not dazzle the judges with our findings or our designs. We were, however, given a flask-cum-mug adorned with the university logo and the motto "Science Poster Competition 2011" for our effort. Our hard work had been rewarded!